If you’re excited about using technology and design in the public interest, then you belong at Civic Hall Toronto.

Civic Hall Toronto is a program that connects government innovators, entrepreneurs, technologists and residents, and empowers them to collaboratively address civic challenges. We offer training, events, space and project support to individuals and teams using technology and design for the common good.

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Collaboration drives innovation

At Civic Hall Toronto,  we understand the power of collaboration. Taking expertise from one area and applying it to another can yield new insights. Building products and services with the people who will use them can lead to better outcomes. And learning from the successes of others can shorten the runway for new ventures.

Civic Hall Toronto’s programming is designed to foster productive, cross-sector collaboration. We provide training and support members with their projects by connecting them with skilled practitioners and engaged residents. 


New ideas need new spaces

To realize the potential for technology and design to serve the public interest, we need spaces and communities where collaboration and ‘outside the box’ thinking are encouraged. These spaces break down siloes — uniting passionate and talented people with an interest in civic innovation — and enable the best ideas and practices for serving residents to be shared across sectors.

That’s what Civic Hall Toronto’s collaboration space is all about. Located at the Centre for Social Innovation in downtown Toronto, the venue offers members the opportunity to work in a vibrant environment, perfect for exploring new ideas and facilitating collaboration.

Upcoming Events

Tue 14

Training: Intro to Digital Government & Civic Tech

August 14 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Toronto Ontario

Our Members


StART is a suite of innovative programs designed specifically for streets and public spaces. StART programs encourage active transportation (walking and cycling), make our streets more beautiful and safe, showcase local artists, mentor emerging talent, reduce overall infrastructure maintenance costs and more.

Toronto Children's Services

Toronto Children’s Services promotes access to high quality early learning and child care services and works closely with the community to develop a coordinated system that meets the diverse needs of Toronto families and children. The division’s vision is that all families in Toronto benefit from a range of services that promote healthy child development and family well-being.

Department of Economic Growth, Culture and Entrepreneurship

Markham’s Department of Economic Growth, Culture and Entrepreneurship works to support a thriving and resilient economy based on creative excellence, innovation & business success through the department’s strategies, resources & strategic partnering efforts to support cultural, entrepreneurial, business & institutional champions & related projects & infrastructure.

Information & Technology

Open Data & Common Components Teams

The Information & Technology Division provides leadership in modernizing City services through strategic investment, digital transformation and management of the City’s information technology systems. They partner and collaborate with all City divisions to deliver innovative IT business solutions and a secure, reliable and dependable IT infrastructure in support of City programs and services.

Toronto Police Service

The Toronto Police Service is responsible for delivering policing services to a dynamic and diverse community. Through the Transformational Task Force, the Service is undertaking a modernization of its services that will see policing in Toronto be where the public needs the Service the most, embrace partnerships to create safe communities, and focus on the complex needs of a large city.

Municipal Licensing & Standards

Municipal Licensing & Standards provides bylaw administration and enforcement services, including targeted strategies to address graffiti, noise, business inspections, parks regulations and animal services issues. Services also include business licensing and permitting, property standards, and animal care including control, shelter and adoption services.

Get Involved

Government Membership

Civic Hall Toronto government members get access to our collaboration space, as well training, events and project support designed to support their civic innovation objectives.

Community Membership

Civic Hall Toronto community members get access to exclusive events, and the opportunity to share, collaborate and co-create with innovators from across sectors.


We’d love to see you at our next event! Check out our calendar for alll Civic Hall Toronto events.


Have an idea for Civic Hall Toronto? We want to hear from you: shea@codefor.ca

Frequently Asked Questions

Who operates Civic Hall Toronto?
Civic Hall Toronto is operated by Code for Canada, a national non-profit that connects government innovators with the tech and design community. The City of Toronto and the Centre for Social innovation are supporting partners of the project.
Are you connected to Civic Hall in New York City?
Civic Hall in New York City is a partner of Civic Hall Toronto. Their work inspires ours!
Is membership only available for people or teams in Toronto?
No! Membership is open to anyone working on projects to improve life in the GTA. We’re proud to have the City of Markham and the Policy Innovation Hub from the Government of Ontario as members.
How are you different from the City of Toronto’s Civic Innovation Office?
Civic Hall Toronto is a space for all levels of government as well as community – private sector, non-profits, and individuals – to contribute to civic innovation. The program is operated by Code for Canada (a national non-profit) at the Centre for Social Innovation, not at City Hall. We’re focused on supporting our members with smaller projects and convening people and teams from across sectors and issues.

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